Saturday, July 27, 2013

FAMILY LIFE: Frosty Beverages and Summer Reads: A Match Made in Summer Heaven

The lazy days of summer always have me begging for something frosty cold, a comfy bug-free space, some mellow music and a good book.  My web-trolls have helped me to stumble upon these delightful ideas.

For the kids:

Credit: Spoonful
I was skimming the absorbing lifestyle blog over by Disney, Spoonful, when I stumbled up these kid-friendly Starbucks inspired drinks.  At my house, we drink hot beverages in the morning all year long, so the kid's hot cocoa is fab, but the Caramel Frap idea is just plain smashing.  Partner that with a copy of "If You Made A Million" by David Schwartz -- have a quick flashback to afternoon sessions of Reading Rainbow and consider your short people happily entertained.

Scholastic Books

For Mom:

Waiting on Martha has crafted a delicious little summer beverage.  Reminds me of lemonade stands and blue jean cutoffs  -- just spiked for adults.  (Need a non-alcoholic version -- nix the Smirnoff and add a few tablespoons of Perrier :)  See recipe here

Waiting On Martha's Fabulous Smirnoff Sorbet Slushie

And to read, the delightful Sassy Belles by Beth Albright.  I sat in the backyard and read this one in two sittings... sweet, Southern with a sassy touch.  You are going to love Blake, Vivi, the quirky adventure and how it all shakes down. Expect lots of smiles and just plain perfect for afternoons of sweet tea and lemonade.

Credit: Beth Albright

To see the video trailer, see below: