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In Short....

Writer. Mama. Pleasure Seeker. Blogger. Amateur Chef. Culinary Enthusiast. Coffee and Sweet addict. Educator. Lifestyle Coach. Historian. Avid Reader. Beauty Lover. Arts Supporter. World Traveler. Treasure Finder.

Teia is a Dallas based lifestyle blogger that is the founder of Pink Book Consulting and Concierge and soon No. 1420 after stints Family, Travel and Dallas City Editor for Miss A, a women's charity lifestyle e-magazine and founder of the Washington based Capitol Moms Motherhood Resource Service.

A native Texan with a passion for politics, history, food, books and fashion, she is on a mission to explore and experience the best that life has to offer while sharing Southern hospitality with all she meets. After spending nearly a dozen years in Washington, DC and Wichita Falls, serving as Constituent Services Representative for The Honorable William Thornberry and later as Student Recruitment Coordinator and Middle School History Educator for Cesar Chavez Public Charter Schools and Spanish Educator for Mesquite Independent Schools. She began a support program, at Cesar Chavez, designed to mentor, educate and enable pregnant teenage girls them to continue their education. After the birth of her daughter, Ms. Collier began Capitol Moms, a maternity concierge and resource service and has been named as one of the top Parenting Resources by the Washington Post in 2008 in the article, A Coach at the Crib and A Consultant at The Potty by Annys Shin.

Teia Collier at the Purple Goose in Alexandria, VA (Credit: Washington Post, 2008: Dayna Smith)

Mom to three young children happily residing near Dallas, Texas, Ms. Collier spends her days writing, managing her team and "saving the day". She is passionate and an active advocate about the issues that directly impact women and children and as such is active in several local charities and is thrilled to serve as Director of Corporate Sponsorships for the North Texas Food Bank's Young Professionals Round Table.

The Short People:

New second grader third grader, loves horses, fairies, princesses, mermaids, fashion, animals, gymnastics and singing along to the songs on Disney and Nick.  Avid reader (got blessed with the smart gene), writes her own stories, carries around an imaginary friend or two, often finds that she has never met a stranger (all friends yet to be found), believes that everything is possible (the princess motto of the world), loves a good party, fresh fruit and seafood.

New Kindergartner  First Grader, loves things that crash and that have wheels. Current infatuations include Minecraft, Transformers, NASCAR minis and Jake, the Pirate (makes him smile with a happy grin), Board Games, the Kindle Fire, Macaroni and Cheese (favorite food on Earth -- at least today), Nascar (walks around with cars in his pocket), Seafood (got it honest from our years in DC), enjoys his own company, loves to eat, cook and to play outside.

New Preemie, digs feeding time, breast milk, snuggly blankets (the soft cottons of Aden and Anais blankets are a fave), softly sung lullabies (and Aerosmith's Dream On), is looking forward kangaroo care and being home soon.  chilling with the siblings, tummy time, and his Soothie Pacifier.


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