Thursday, May 10, 2012

Next Chapter: The Story of Teia B. Collier

Let's start with a story, after all, every good reinvention begins with one.

Leather jacket: BeBe. Crown: Erickson Beamon. Photo: Andrea Bass.
 Once upon time there lived a young woman, in desire of a little reinvention and redefinition.  She had been known by many names and probably as many titles, as befitting a woman of this century, but the roles that she loves the most are mother, editor, foodie, book lover and aspiring goddess.  She runs her company in the way that she runs her life, with passion, positivity, energy and under the motto of the Golden Rule and with the preset that "Impossible things are happening everyday." -- so they might as well happen for her.  She finds that if she expects to have a great time, it usually happens, and that good friends, good food and fun fashion almost ensure that it occurs.  She draws inspiration from the world around her and the stuff of legends.  Master explorer, creative wiz and at times, oversharer, she counts herself lucky to be in one of the greatest cities on this earth, Dallas, Texas.  She figures that life is complicated enough on its own, so she might as well, find pleasure and beauty in as many ways as possible. 

This is her love letter to her city and the next portion of her journey.  Welcome to the adventure.

Happiest of adventures,