Sunday, July 8, 2012

DELIGHT: Sparkle: Courtesy of Marilyn, Royal Asscher, Erickson Beamon and Bling Is the New Black

From Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, 1953
It was once said, by a famous blonde bombshell, that diamonds are a girl's best friend.  A true girl of region, bling is one of my best friends.   I love the sparkle, the brilliance and the light it brings to my eye.  It is a great pick-me-up and a brilliant way to tie an outfit together.

Here are three pieces that have currently caught my eye.  Delight, love, flashy goodness or subtle sparkle, they make me smile all the same. 

Delight List #1: Sparkle

Home of some of the world's most beautiful diamonds, just as Mark Zuckerberg, Royal Asscher has taken the lovely diamond to a whole new level with the Stars of Africa Collection and their less costly, Shining Stars, sister collection.  In particular, the rose gold calls my name with its' fabulously luscious brilliants floating under a spectacular dome.  It is like a fabulously personal snow globe made of diamonds...   Though, on second thought, the Shining Stars Collection with their modern ceramic and etched metals, could easily translate to a glam everyday piece that is striking and fabulous.

Royal Asscher's Classic Stars No. 1 in 18kt Rose Gold with .60crts of brilliants under the dome. (credit: Royal Asscher)

Sometimes a girl wants her bling to have a vintage tough-girl edge, kinda like a glam-rocker only high-end.  When that is what my heart desires, look no further than Erickson Beamon, loved by Michelle Obama and Lady Gaga, found locally at NorthPark Center's treasure trove of a shop, Swag (right down the hall from Neiman's and before Elie Tahari).  Right now, I have my heart set on this black mesh cuff.  See picture of me rocking it below, but the Welcome to the Dollhouse Earrings could take my little black dress and up-do to the next level and make it current and sassy.

Teia Collier at Swag NorthPark in Erickson Beamon cuff, BeBe Leather Jacket, Alternative Apparel Burn-out Tee
 Finally, Bling is the New Black, a fab custom-bling design studio run by Caitlin McConnell is so Dallas.  It's fun, special and beautiful.  A couple of months ago, Caitlin and her fab mama Tanya helped me out by creating the most fab blinged tank with the Miss A logo that has survived my washing and fits beautifully.  Everytime I wear it, the compliments come pouring in, guess there is something about the bling.  Right now, I am thinking of the bling my bottoms (custom-bling sole covers), but the Texas Flag Tee (like the one modelled by RHOC's Gretchen Rossi, but of Texas) is looking like a fun addition to my closet.

Gretchen Rossi in Bling Is the New Black Tank with over 1400 crystals in the design (credit: Bling Is the New Black FB)