Thursday, September 12, 2013

READ: The Governess Club: Claire and Bonnie by Ellie MacDonald

I am an avid reader -- one of those people that has a paperback and a Kindle Fire in her purse.

I am also a mom to two under the age of 8, pregnant with a third, a writer, a blogger, a coach and a consultant.

I adore a good romance with the a great sense of time, a hefty dose of suspense, realistic characters and a delicious hero.

I don't have a lot of time.  At just under 200 pages, each story is easily consumable and happily devoured.

And I've recently been introduced to new author Ellie MacDonald's novella series, The Governess Club.  The first two stories were quick downloads from Edelweiss (thank you Avon Books) and sat on my Kindle for a few days.... had I known how delightful they would be, I would've opened them up as soon as I downloaded them.

The premise behind the Governess Club is this: a collective of friends and governesses desire financial freedom and autonomy in their lives and love seems to be the almost the last thing on their list of desires, but each Governess has her own story.  They intertwine, should be read in order and will make you smile.

I read Claire and Jacob's story on the flight to Memphis last week and spent an enjoyable flight with the time passing so delightfully by.  I loved seeing how they connected and how I felt a part of the story and how the nuances of the world a governess came to light.

I read Bonnie and Stephen's story a few nights later when my children had already went to play after dinner.  Heart wrenching at moments and touching, I found that Bonnie's story to be my favorite.  MacDonald wove a story that was captivating and sweet with a nice sexual tension without being over the top. 

Happily, I am awaiting Books #3 and #4.

Purchase Them Here: Claire and Bonnie 

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