Thursday, February 20, 2014

DRIVE: 2015 Ford Expedition Platinum Edition Rolls Into Dallas in Family-Friendly Style

Texans love their big trucks.  It's no surprise that they make me smile. As a mom of three under 9 and the eldest of five, I have lots of experience being in, driving and squeezing into family vehicles.  So when on Tuesday, I was invited to come see the coolness of a new offering -- I wasn't about to miss the opportunity. 
Waiting to see the new reveal (Credit: Teia Collier)

The new offering is the cool, luxe 2015 Ford Expedition Platinum Edition.  Buttery leather, one touch folding seats that lead to a completely flat trunk space, enough seats for 6 kids in the back if needed (with 2 rows of folding seats), retracting running boards, more than enough cup holders for everyone, the sweet modern coolness of the intuitive Ford Touch system and two available wheel-bases. 

I found myself grinning and saying 'oooh' more than I care to admit. 

The view from the driver's seat. (credit: Teia Collier)

A look back 

The 2015 Ford Expedition