Friday, March 28, 2014

GUEST POST: Smart Money Saving Tips with Tyra

Introducing my sister and guest blogger: 

Tyra B. Mosley

She is a common sense mama with an eye for giving, delicious food, sharing, history and travel. She also has a miraculous knack for finding a really good deal.  You can find her tweeting at @TyraBMosley

Today is a great day! A great day for saving money! With the economy the way it is, saving money has become not so much a necessity, but a way of life. I spend many of my days in front of a computer for one reason or another, and said "why not make the most of my time, by checking out the great money-saving, and coupon sites the internet has to offer." Trust me, there are MANY sites, and you can quickly feel overwhelmed, but here are a few that I find worth the time of "getting to know better".

(Credit: The Guardian)

These are just a few that I visit on a daily basis. I sign up for the newsletters on all of these sites, and wake every day to a variety of deals!!

Happy Money-Saving!