Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Event: DALLAS: Enjoy a Drive-in Movie and An ABC Sneak Peek on September 4

Looking for a family friendly date night?  See below.

This Thursday on September 4th, take the family and enjoy a classic movie and a Sneak Peek at a new ABC show... all for free at Coyote Drive In in Ft. Worth.
credit: Coyote Drive In

Goodness knows, I love a drive-in.  It's a great way to have a classic experience with your littles, by yourself or as a retro-fabulous date night that is more than just your typical dinner and a movie.

The Ft. Worth Skyline from Coyote Drive In (credit: Coyote Drive In)

My minis are 8, 6 and 8 months -- quite a spread, but it totally works -- but it requires a bit of planning and efficient packing :)

Here are my tips to having a blast at the drive-in.

1) Pack smart.

  • Pack more diapers, wipes, feeding supplies and o tanks than you think that you need.  
  • For the bigs and you, pack them each a blanket and a pillow to lay back and watch the movie.  
  • I also pack folding chairs just in case someone wants to sit outside the car or Texas style -- in the truckbed.
  • I also have my short people wear running shoes and spray them down in insect repellant since it's outside and almost without fail one of mine slips, trips or bites it in flip flops.
  • Bring a small trash bag for in-the-car trash and simply dispose when the movie is over or at intermission.

2) Arrive about 30 to 45 minutes early to get settled, find parking and get snacks.

3) Expect to buy snacks at the concession stand -- it's where the theatre makes money and is a great way for the kids (and Mama) to drop both feet into the experience.

4)Think relaxed, family fun.  No uptight Nellies will not have a blast.  The car will probably be messy when it's over, but expect to have a sweet memory to take with you.