Sunday, May 27, 2012

TASTE: Talenti Gelato

Do you know that feeling when a taste calls to mind a memory?  When an external trigger evokes all the pleasures and sensory experiences of a time, place and moment?   That's the experience I had when I tasted my first bite of Dallas crafted Tahitian Vanilla Talenti Gelato, which I found at my Kroger's here in Mesquite.  As it melted, I was swiftly transported to a tiny gelato shop in Venice with the happy sounds of conversation flitting through the air and me still on high from being in a new place.  A delicious feeling to be sure..

Here's the scoop:

Fresh, clean flavor.  Smooth, creamy decadence. Pleasantly sweet and faintly floral, like I had taken a knife and split open a vanilla bean, and in two words, absolutely delicious.  

I love that Talenti uses simple, descriptive names with beautifully transparent packaging and a twist-on lid in a wonderful chocolate brown.  A luxe sensory enthusiast, I was delighted to see the modern packaging with a lightly bespoke feel similar to that of the lovely, little cream boxes with black trim that Jo Malone products come in. 

Containers contain only 1 pint of the creamy goodness.  By time, I put a scoop in a cone for the two short people, there's only a bit left for me. Also, my local Krogers only carries a handful flavors, hopefully to be remedied soon as the next flavors on taste list are the Toasted Almond, Blood Orange and the Sea Salt Caramel. 

I found my tub at Kroger's, but I did see it at Tom Thumb, Target and Albertson's, as well.

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