Sunday, May 27, 2012

SEE: First Look: The Great Gatsby

Credit: The Great Gatsby
My fascination with other eras has reared its head, and the twenties is one of my favorites with its lushness, freedom and super cool fashion sense. This Christmas 2012, The Great Gatsby will be coming to big screen again.  About twenty years ago, uber-handsome Robert Redford starred in an iconic edition, and this appears to be an equally lush and captivating visual spectacle that I can't wait to enjoy. 
Steamy, dreamy Leonardo DiCaprio, of Titantic and Inception fame, and the darling Carey Mulligan of The Education bring to life the story based on the 1925 text of the same name. For the unfamiliar, without devulging spoilers, The Great Gatsby tells the sweepingly passionate tale of Nick Carraway, Jay Gatsby and Daisy Buchanan, set against the decadent backdrop of the roaring 20s, tangled with hefty doses of seduction, curiosity, wealth, fame and the dark roads that lead to tragedy and obession.

It's going to be epic, in the words of my brother and quite frankly that's just fantastic.

Here is the trailer, which I've watched around half-a-dozen times:

Notice the music, the scene and the costumery.  Ooh, I love it, bring on the sparkles, lavish embellishment and champagne.

To READ the classic, before the movie comes out, click here