Sunday, June 10, 2012

WEAR: Turning Heads with Finds from Abi Ferrin

Credit: Dallas Designer Abi Ferrin  Courtesy:SSPR
 One of the really fun things about my job (at Miss A) is meeting really fun people that are making a difference in their community or in communities around the world.  Abi Ferrin is one of those folks, making changes happen with the super cool Freedom Project. 

For more details on the Freedom Project, how it provides opportunities to those whose who desperately need them, how you can contribute and to catch a glimpse into the AF world, see the article coming up soon on Miss A Dallas.

In case you are unfamiliar with her work, think bright, easy-dressing, multi-tasking designs made for a woman, by a woman.  Available online at her site or recently (yay!) at Nordstrom stores nationwide.

But here, I wanted to do something a little different and share the pieces that are have already been added to my wish list.

The Nikki 5 Way by Abi Ferrin

WHAT: The Nikki 5-Way Dress
WHY: It can be worn multiple ways, as a dress, converted to suit my mood or runched up or skinny jeans and leggings.  I can see it dressed up for date night or dinner with the girls, dressed down with flats and leggings for Mommy duty at the playground.
BUY: here

The Clover Dress by Abi Ferrin

WHAT: The Clover Dress
WHY: It is a dead-easy sheath- tank dress in a body grazing fabric, that has a low drop back, so if I wanna be sexy or not so sexy, I can do both.  Throw a leather jacket on top or a smashing cardi and some bling-tastic jewelry, I'd be ready to rock and turn some heads.
WHERE: here

The Daniella Pantset by Abi Ferrin

WHAT: The Daniella Pantset
WHY: Because its' cousin called me in the studio and said, "Teia... Teia" in a perfect rendition of a sassy Southern gentleman.  Not to mention, it has a nice waist band, 3", which equates to an instant tummy tuck, granting me the pleasure of a waist and will make me look like I did those crunches that I swore I would.  I'd rock it with some contrasting platforms and bold bangles or with skinny, sky-high stilettos and a great big smile.