Sunday, June 10, 2012

WATCH w/ KIDS: Doc McStuffins is Renewed for Season Two

Credit: Disney Jr.
Catchy tunes, educational messages, positive themes that relate to our world, the ability to engage my kids and the ability to make me not feel like I want to kick myself for watching are some of the hallmarks of great children's programming, and one of our new favorites, Doc McStuffins on Disney Junior has been renewed for a second season!!! Yay!!!

The thirty-minute program features the super-adorable Doc McStuffins that runs a injured stuffed animal pet clinic in her backyard. Each episode teaches a health and compassion related theme, in a fun kid-friendly (mom-friendly too) way.

According to my six year old, "She is like me." When I asked for more details, she elaborated with "She is nice, takes care of her friends when they are hurt. And she has a brother." High praise from my Z. From my end, I love seeing a multi-racial cast, positive themes, the way they take the sting out of the doctor's office and the warm fuzzies that I feel when I hear my kids singing her peppy theme song... "The Doc is In..."

To see a full episode, visit here

It's no wonder Doc McStuffins is the number one watched show in the 2-5 age range. Long live, the Doc!   Look for DVDs and matching fun goodies that the kids can play with in mid-August.