Sunday, November 17, 2013

INSPIRATION: Go Do It! Sparkle and DREAM

Shared by the SITS Girls

I just got back from a quick trip to Wichita Falls, and I had so many memories flood my brain as I remembered who I was as a girl about to graduate from college, full of giddy dreams, plans of conquering the evil in the world and hope for the future.

Somewhere along the line, my dreams, plans and hopes became somewhat more practical, driven by the activity of the day faintly dusted with a little fairy magic.  Now at 33, I am looking for a bit more magic and little less practicality.  I want to infuse my day with a bit of sparkle in the midst of all the routines and daily tasks that I complete.  I also find that when I do everyone benefits.  I am happier -- the kids are happier and all the little things that step into my day seem to flow a bit better or bother me less -- not really sure which.

So here's the challenge -- how do you add sparkle to your day?  I challenge you (and myself) to do/share/give 5 small acts that bring a little more light into the day.

I also challenge you to create a list of all those things that you want to do.  Small, big, massive, frivilous -- whatever it may be from drinking a hot chocolate, trying a new lipstick to launching your own foundation or visiting Rome -- whatever it is, commit it to paper and let's see what happens.


Cheers to a great week,