Wednesday, April 23, 2014

EVENT: DALLAS: The Memorable Disney's Beauty and the Beast in Dallas Closes April 27 (and TIPS to enjoying theater with kids)

Disney's Beauty and the Beast on Tour (credit: Amy Boyle)
If you are a fan of Disney's Beauty and the Beast, you won't want to miss this delight for the eyes and ears.  Playing now in Dallas at the AT&T Performing Arts Center, it's a family friendly show that is engaging, captivating and enough fun that you will probably find yourself singing along and happily grinning.

For the Dallas performance, Z (my eight year old) and I went. She adores the AT&T Performing Center.  She loves the sculpted lines, the dramatic entrance of steel and glass and the reflecting pool.  She always wants to get snacks at intermission and the process of getting dolled up in something pretty for a show.  So when I told her we were going to see this one, one of her Disney favorites, she was positively beside herself and I love it.

(Credit: Amy Boyle)
If you are unfamiliar with Disney classic love story, Beauty and the Beast is the tale of Belle and her Beastly Prince. Set in a French county town, Belle, the beautiful bookworm and daughter of eccentric town inventor longs for a life outside the village. Chased by the self-important, built like a lumberjack, devious plan-maker Gaston, Belle retreats into her world of books. When her father gets lost in the woods and held captive in the home of the Beast, she makes a trade and condemns herself to a life within the walls of the enchanted castle.  She meets the fabulous Luminere, Mrs. Potts, the adorable Chip among others that have been transformed and cursed along with the prince.  Through the course of developing love, understanding and learning to see past initial appearances, the curse is lifted, the Prince learns to love and express empathy and Belle gets all that she had been searching for.  With memorable renditions of "Be Our Guest" and "Tale as Old As Time", this is one performance that left us with a happy sigh as we left the theater.

(credit: Amy Boyle)

Tips to enjoying with kids:

1)  Pre-order your intermission snacks before the show to avoid lines and waits in the crowd.  

2)  Take a bathroom break just before the performance begins, and listen for the bells to return.

3)  Go ahead and dress up.  The theater is a sensory experience enjoyed on many levels --revel in the experience.

4)  Brief the kids on what to expect.  There will be some crowds when moving to the seats, a dark, cool theater with comfy seats (bring a light sweater), no electronic devices when the lights go down and "library" voices.

Disney's Beauty and the Beast

AT&T Performing Arts Center

Closing April 27th

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