Sunday, April 20, 2014

MAMA LABEL LOVE: BEAUTY: Spring Scents by Tom Ford, Jo Malone and LaVanilla

I've got a thing for feminine frills and for smelling good.  It's been a fascination for as long as I remember.  I would raid my mom and my Granny's perfume stashes and spritz myself with grown-up scents while playing the theme from some imaginary Classic Hollywood musical in my mind.  I loved watching her put on her make-up and fragrance is one of those great memory triggers. Gloria Vanderbilt, Giorgio Armani, Cashmere and little dabs of Vanilla Extract behind my ears.  I grew from there to selling Mary Kay and working at Victoria's Secret to feed the habit. So when I saw my daughter playing with the array, I have artfully arranged on my dresser I felt my heartstrings pull at the memory and had my own proud mama moment without even realizing that it was coming.  Love when that happens. :)

But on to the point, Spring is one of those times when gorgeous scents come out to play.

Here are my favorites these days.

1. Peony and Blush Suede by Jo Malone

Think pretty pink rose and lush jasmine florals wrapped in a hint of musk and creamy crepe paper.  It's the thought that comes to mind when I smell this one.  Reminds me of Dallas Blooms at the Arboretum or twirling in a floaty dress.  Curious. locally, stop by the Northpark Neiman Marcus counter for a sample or order online here

2. Santal Blush by Tom Ford

For last few years, Tom Ford's Tobacco Vanilla has been my favorite and my signature scent.  I adore it's smoky rich vanilla that's opulent without being too sweet and reminding me of Easter candy or baked goods.  But for Spring, I was looking for something that is pretty, still rich, everyday sexy but lighter with undercurrents of silky musk, sandalwood and smooth florals that can survive the Texas heat. It's a gorgeous scent... get your hands on it.  Here

3. Vanilla Grapefruit by LaVanilla Laboratories

When I was pregnant with Z, I discovered this treat on HSN.  Lush, clean, bright and uplifting.  It was perfect.  The scent was not too strong for a breastfeeding mama and her slightly finicky girl, but what I loved most was the compliments... from passing strangers, from people that have known me for years, from myself... those "Dang girl, you smell great!" even when your shoulder is newly covered in spit up.  Available online at Sephora.

Which are your Spring favorite scents?