Friday, July 25, 2014

TASTE: A Drool-worthy Recipe from Cooking Channel's Rachel Khoo and trekking down memory lane

We've already established that I have direct obsession with cooking, food, recipes and the shows that relate to them.  When I was a kid, of course I watched Saturday morning cartoons, but when the Texas afternoons grew too hot to sweat in the heat and my parents didn't want a couple of kids with heat strokes laying out about the backyard.  We would slip inside and watch cooking on PBS or college football.

There was the fabulously Southern Nathalie Dupree, my favorite Frugal Gourmet, eating with the globe-trekking traveler Burt Wolfe and my sister's fave "Nahr lehns" (New Orleans) Cajun chef Justin Wilson and his famous, "I guarentee."

These days, I still spend some Saturday afternoons with PBS playing because I really like cooking shows where they are actually cooking..... and eating.... and then cooking some more -- preferably in pretty settings or settings that remind me of my own kitchen.

Credit: Rachel Khoo

One of my new discoveries is Rachel Khoo -- an adorably normal, petite British chef that makes easy to enjoy dishes in an itty-bitty kitchen that look elegant while being people friendly at the same time.  I ran across her first show, Little Paris Kitchen, one afternoon while I was waiting for Nigella to come on.  I adored it show much that I promptly whipped out my kindle and ordered the cookbook.  She now has a new show, Rachel Khoo's Kitchen Notebook: London, where she revisits her culinary roots and takes in the scene around her city.  It's delicious fun.

Image credit: www. with Seasonal Berries and @BritishBerries
With summer yumminess like the photo above, you won't want to miss her site, but trust me her potato au gratin in LPK is good enough for neighbors or to use to bribe children into cleaning their room with.

To your happy eating,